Your business card just evolved...

Your new digital business card

Ever been to a conference and received 20 cards only to misplace them, or forget which one is which?
Ever given out business cards and not heard back from people?

Business cards fail at their one job - to connect people.
It’s time your card got a digital transformation.

Professional Networking Reborn

Make conversations last longer than 5 minutes with your personal ContactMe page.
Show people you care, with automated welcome emails which start the conversation and save you time after an event.

Put yourself in control of the conversation and never have to give someone your business card again.

As a serial meetup-goer, I find myself drowning in business cards.
The problem is common to anyone who networks - we forget who people are... Business cards don't solve this problem. solves these issues and increases conversions from "chat" to "conversation".
- Joe Reeve, Founder of

Auto Emailer

Show people that you're professional, fast, and forward looking with auto follow-up emails.
Give people something they'll actually remember - your information straight to their email inbox.

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